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Death is Random (DIR) is an entry-level post-apocalyptic RPG zombie randomizer with survival elements, auto-battle and replayability. The main objective is to find all the needed vehicle parts to escape the city. All key items are shuffled across the seven maps and you need to explore every single one to grab resources and find the fastest way to get out.


You can choose one of four classes available: The Policeman with the strongest firepower, the Fireman with the unbreakable defense, the Nurse with precision attacks, or the Mechanic who can outrun the horde like no one else.

To help you survive in the city, information about your resources is crucial:

• Stamina (Hold button to use):  You'll spend stamina while walking, which affects your speed and encounter chance. If your stamina gets low you'll walk slower, have a lower attack speed and the encounter rating will rise. Food helps you regain stamina.

Health (Hold button to use): Your character's health can be healed by using First Aid packs. If your health reaches zero, is game over.

Lockpick Tools:  Those are used to open locked doors, which are quite common in the game. If you look closely, sometimes you can find alternative paths to locked rooms. However, you'll be spending more stamina in the process. So choose wisely.

Zombies and monsters are the main worrying matter. Each location has its difficulty and set of enemies, knowing the right place at the right level is important, so make sure to level up to get stronger and kill the bastards more easily. 


Each Level up gives you some points to distribute to the class attributes:

Weapon - Determine the class weapon power and overall attack

Perception - Lowers the random encounter rating and boosts the preemptive attack chance.

Endurance - Decrease stamina consumption and increase HP points

Mentality - Lowers chance to miss attacks and increases "Panic" resistance

Dexterity - Increase the critical rate and increase the "Cripple" status chance

Agility - Increase Dodge and attack speed

Spend your points wisely!

Negative Status

While battling, you have the chance to "Cripple" the enemies. This makes the foe much slower, helping you do more damage with fewer counter-attacks. In return, the monsters can make you "Panic" as well. If you enter in a "Panic" state you'll lose the next turn to calm down yourself.

Weapons and Armor

About the weapons and armor, you ask? Of course, you'll need them. Each class can use the type of weapon designed for them. The Policeman can use Firearms, the Firefighter use Axes, the Nurse can handle Knives, and Mechanics can use powerful Wrenches. If you find the right weapon for your class, you'll receive a great Weapon Status boost for the rest of the game, any other weapon types can help as well but with just a tiny boost overall. Armors are universal, finding any defensive vest can make you much more resistant than before, boosting a lot of your Endurance.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the main reason you want to put yourself in danger and risk your life. Inside these boxes, you can find everything you need: Food, First Aid, Lockpick Tools, Weapons, Armor and the game's goal: Key Items. Of course, most of the items you'll find are trash, but even those have their use:  every time you get 25, 50 and 100 trash items, you'll receive a bonus Attribute point. You also have a small chance of finding a book that will grant you bonus experience points.

Main Objective

To finish the game you'll have to escape the city. For this to happen, you'll need to fix one of the 3 vehicles available: The Truck, the Helicopter or the Boat.  There are 10 Key Items you can find in the game, from which 5 can be used in all vehicles and 5 are specific for only 1 of them.  To complete the repairs, you have to gather the 5 base Key Items + the specific Key Item(s) for the vehicle.

Base Key Items: Oil, Fuel, Wires, Battery and Fuses.

Car Key Item: Car Keys

Boat Key Items: Boat Keys and Skeg

Helicopter Key Items: Helicopter Keys and Tail Rotor

Once you have all the required Key Items to repair a vehicle, an icon will show in the base of the screen to indicate which one. You'll still need to travel to that vehicle in order to escape.


You can use the seed system in D.I.R., allowing you to trade experiences with your friends or competitive play. Seeds can be randomly generated, inserted or created with specific parameters.

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GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tagsauto-battle, Horror, Monsters, Pixel Art, randomizer, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Tilemap
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Configurable controls
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