Patch 1.3 is live!

Greetings, summoners!

We just updated the game with the new patch 1.3. It includes the following minor fixes:

  • Updated small visuals for block explosions, shot collision and enemy death.
  • The Green Block had its visuals updated. This is due to their original format being too similar to the Yellow Block and it was a small inconvenience to colorblind players. The new visual is more unique.
  • Added custom controllers on the launcher INPUT tab. This will allow players with different or special keyboards to rebind keys properly.
  • Minor polishments here and there.

The main thing this update brings is a long-requested feature:

Stage Select.

As the name suggests, is a screen where you can freely choose from which level you will start playing. Accessing it is simple, but hidden. All you have to do is press the following sequence during the Press Start Screen:

The code works both with the controller and keyboard, and with whichever key binds you set for the movements, like WASD. As long you press UP, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, RIGHT in sequence, it works fine.

Have fun!

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